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Lovely Monday Blues

Chicago had a fleeting glimpse of spring last week and the blue skies that accompanied it were so inspiring. Shown here are some of my current blue favorites – they will have to do until summer arrives permanently!

Clockwise from upper left:

This vibrant Star Tetrahedron acrylic painting by Jessica Caputo Macon is a perfect combination of colors, with the geometry emphasized in a gold outline. I can't decide if I would use this sophisticated navy Palms Console in a foyer or as a dresser in a bedroom, but it would improve any room! Well-Read Women: Portraits of Fiction's Most Beloved Heroines, by Samantha Hahn, showcases gorgeous watercolors of female literary characters (my favorites are Nancy Drew and Holly Golightly). This ice blue table lamp would look beautiful in front of a window, allowing sunlight through. Light pink flowers are the perfect accompaniment to frosted blue vases. And every morning that I drink my coffee from this monogram mug is happy, no matter the color of the sky.

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