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Designer Spotlight | Charlet Design

Today’s Designer Spotlight features Charlet Design, a custom furniture studio located in Brooklyn, NY. Spearheaded by its namesake Laurent Charlet, the company offers meticulously crafted pieces that function incredibly well while adding beauty to any space. Charlet carefully sources all materials himself to ensure that the carbon footprint of each item is kept to an absolute minimum. In addition to furniture designer, Charlet is a practicing architect, which is evident in the attention to detail and unique form of every piece that he creates. Shown here are two of my favorite eye-catching tables. The top is the CB dining table, created from solid American walnut and showcasing tapered legs and the coolest beveled top. The coffee table 2.0 is pictured on the bottom and is a perfect example of the elegant functionality of Charlet’s designs. The exterior is finished with American walnut and the interior storage area with white lacquer. Both pieces highlight Charlet Design’s trademark clean lines and uncommon details – a classic and timeless combination.

Photo Credits: Charlet Design

See more of Charlet Design's beautiful furniture here.

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