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Designer Spotlight | EEB Interiors

This month in our Designer Spotlight series we are featuring the insanely talented Erin Bodnar. She formed her design firm, EEB Interiors, in 2008 and has been improving residential and corporate interiors nationwide ever since. When asked about her design style, Erin said, “Honestly, it is specifically suited to each client. The modern design I create for a client in a downtown high rise looks vastly different from the more traditional style I incorporate into a client's home in the North Shore Suburbs. I want each project to have its own unique voice that is a combination of EEB Interiors and the homeowner." Shown here is a fantastic master bathroom remodel that Erin recently completed for a client living in a loft in downtown Chicago. The existing bathroom felt small and dated, which did not fit with the rest of the condo's soaring ceilings and open floor plan. Erin’s solution was to remove the existing partitions and dropped ceiling to open up the space and utilize the available 14’ height of the loft. Now working with a large space, Erin tied in the loft aesthetic but softened those features to create a modern, spa-like atmosphere. The porcelain floor tile resembles concrete and the reclaimed wood shelves tie in the loft's exposed wood columns. In contrast, dark wood cabinets and white quartz countertops add a modern element. The gorgeous free-standing copper tub, inventive decorative pendants and shower's glass mosaic tile add balance to the space. Don’t we all wish we had such a lovely bathroom?

Photo Credits: EEB Interiors

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