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Kohler Design Center

I recently took a trip to Kohler, Wisconsin, to celebrate an anniversary. Although it wasn’t on the agenda, my husband and I made a visit to the design center located in the quaint town. What an unexpected surprise to stumble into such an amazing space! The main floor of the center features thousands of Kohler products, from sinks to showers to toilets. The second floor is a series of design vignettes and has the feel of walking through an incredibly designed dollhouse. We moved from kitchen to kitchen and bathroom to bathroom, taking note of the best ideas. (My favorite was an exhaust hood over a stove that had a ledge built in at eye level for cookbooks!) The basement of the 36,000 square foot building is a museum chronicling the history of the storied company. I’ve included here two of my favorite products from the massive showroom: the upper photo shows an enameled cast iron navy blue sink. The bottom photo shows a loveseat created from a vintage Kohler bathtub that has been painted a vibrant chartreuse. Unfortunately the loveseat is not for sale, so only the sink will be added to my wish list!

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