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Graced With Light

Picture this: You enter a vast cathedral, cool and quiet and immense. In contrast to this solid mass, hundreds of muti-colored ribbons cascade from the soaring vaulted ceiling, creating a suspended rainbow. The ribbons are illuminated from above and cast hued light on the concrete walls, much like light flowing through stained glass. This extraordinary exhibit is located within Grace Cathedral in San Francisco and is aptly entitled Graced With Light. Artist Anne Patterson’s vision is a part of 100 Years of Music at Grace Cathedral, a celebration of the church’s musical history. Grace Cathedral describes the intention of the artist on its website: "Ms. Patterson envisioned a series of light pathways, connecting heaven and earth, manifest as ribbons. The ribbons carry our prayers, dreams and wishes skyward, and, in turn, grace streams down the ribbons to us." The installation has been extended through February 2014, so be sure to visit if you are in the area – and please send photos!

For more photos, visit the Grace Cathedral Website

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